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Terri Castro

2nd Grade, Room 11


My name is Mrs. Castro. I have been teaching at Dan Mini School for 16 years. When I first arrived at Dan Mini, I knew I was at a wonderful school. The students and parents are the best. Our hard working parents really care about their student's education. Our close knit staff really work together in order to help students succeed.


I love teaching children to read. My Master's Thesis was in teaching reading in early childhood. Every year I strive help my students to become better readers by encouraging and motivating them with our Accelerated Reader Program.

I am also an advocate for parent involvement. Students really benefit from their parent's involvement in their child's education, even if they work and can only read with them each evening at home. I believe the PTA is another way for parents to be involved with their student's education. This year through fundraising we are going to get curtains for our stage and help to fund student activities and field trips.

Terri Castro



Kymry Borkenhagen

2nd Grade, Room 45


I am Kymry Borkenhagen but most of my students call me Ms. B.  I teach 2nd Grade and I love it. I have taught second grade for ten years at Dan Mini.  I work with a great team of dedicated teachers.  My dog Sophie and cats Grrrl and Beans keep me company at home and I have six chickens too.  They are all very amusing. I love to travel and explore new places and things, and I like to read and watch movies when at home.  I also teach water yoga,  water exercise, and Zumba Gold when I have time, and hold certifications in all.  In the summer I work with the Roma (gypsy) children in rural Romania in a summer camp format. I am close with my family and have three wonderful daughters I am very proud of.



Nerissa Melodias

2nd Grade, Room 13