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Bev BlackBeverly Black

4th Grade, Room 30


Hello! My name is Beverly Black and I teach 4th grade here at wonderful Dan Mini Elementary School. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree at California State University, Dominguez Hills in 1995. I started my teaching career 21 years ago in Long Beach, California, teaching 4th and 5th Grades. I moved from Southern California to Northern California in 2001 and began teaching for Vallejo City Unified School District at Mare Island Elementary. I have taught at Dan Mini for the last 12 years and enjoy the community that we have created here. I have taught all grades from kindergarten through 6th grade and find 4th grade is the best! I am the PTA historian and Science Fair coordinator. I was instrumental in the creation of our science (now STEAM) lab. Some people call me the Science Queen! My favorite subjects to teach are science and art. If you visit my classroom you’ll see students’ art work and probably some wiggly worms in our worm bin!


I have 4 beautiful children and 9 even more beautiful grandchildren! I come from a large family-4 sisters and 2 brothers. One of my sisters teaches kindergarten here at Dan Mini-Ms. Potts! I live in Vacaville with my husband, Bruce and our Pomeranian/Chihuahua  dog, Starbuck. In my free time I like to explore new and exciting places, spend time with my family and friends, and get creative.

I look forward to an exciting year of learning and exploring with my fabulous 4th graders!



Jason Gray

4th Grade, Room 31


Hi! My name is Jason Gray. I have been educated at UC Davis as a scientist, and National Louis in Chicago as an educator. I began my teaching career for two years of long term subbing in Chicago, which gave me the opportunity to see some of the best schools in the country, and some of the worst. Being a California native, I wanted to come home, so found full time employment in Oakland, at their expulsion High School. All the kids that got thrown out of school for one reason or another in Oakland had to come see Mr. Gray to earn their way back into high school. I had the privilege of teaching math and science, two subjects that I did not train to teach, to adolescents, when I went to school to teach elementary students. It was very difficult, and very rewarding. This is my second year at Dan Mini Elementary, and I feel very honored that you are trusting me to educate your students.


I’ve only been teaching for a handful of years because I spent the first part of my career in science. My bachelor’s degree is in Biological Science, and my first Masters is in Nutrition, where I did laboratory research on the effects of cholesterol, dietary interventions to autism, and the disease fighting properties of strawberries. I found the work very intellectually stimulating, but I needed to be making a more direct impact on people, thus the change to education. As a former scientist, asking questions and figuring out answers is very important to me. A big part of my class is devoted to increasing critical thinking in our students, something that I think all students (and adults) need lots of practice with.



Cynthia Fadrilan Fabonan

4th Grade, Room 36


Cynthia FabonanNickname: Cindy

Birthday: May 18, 1958

Educational Attainment: Master's Degree in Administration and Supervision.

Motto: Turn right and go ahead.

Vision: To pave the lives of my students to become successful builders and self-sufficient citizens of the country.

Mission: To encourage, inspire, discover, develop my students based in their uniqueness through love and perseverance in accordance with the standards of the curriculum.

Adorable Kids:

Ms. Fabonan s daughter
Dyan Kay Fabonan - Fiecas

BS Biology Graduate

De LaSalle University Philippines

Ms. Fabonan s son
Epifañio Fabonan III

BSE in Social Science Graduate

Philippine Normal University

Ms. Fabonan s daughter
Kate Julia Fabonan, RN

BS Nursing

Far Eastern University Philippines